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    Jul 27, 2018

    Version: 1.12.2
    Mod pack: MC Eternal Lite (v1.3.7)
    Guide: link


    I'm happy to announce the launch of our modded SMP server running the mod pack MC Eternal Lite (v1.3.7).

    The server has been in the making for around a week and I have been thrilled by the enthusiasm and interest shown by the community. This should keep everyone busy until Minecraft 1.17 lands later this summer, and for much longer to come.

    I took some time and made a guide to help everyone set up a clean and well-running modded client which you can find here.

    I hope to see some of you on the modded server which will be live once this post is and wish you many great and merry hours of gameplay on the new server.

    Many great thanks to @LillKrull & @Blobbani for their invaluable experience, help with testing, and setup of the new server. Also thank you to the Sponge, Magma, and Mohist communities for their excellent work in making a Forge server that runs :blush: (Not blaming Forge, blaming Mojang).


    • Why MC Eternal Lite and not ___? We made a poll asking the community what type of mod pack they wanted. Magic took the number one spot with only adventuring coming remotely close. MC Eternal features both of these elements. Another thing to keep in mind is that a big part of our community has never played modded Minecraft before. With this in mind, we needed something that can entertain both experienced players, as well as newbies. Most importantly. This needs to run, and not only that. Run well with more than 3 players and for players with less than 16GB's of RAM. With all these things in mind, you can see that the ground starts to shrink beneath my feet when selecting a mod pack. Only two community members even bothered with suggesting any packs, which doesn't help me since I haven't played modded in half a decade.
    • Why mod 1.12.2? The modding scene matured well in 1.12, combine that with the fact that server software for 1.12+ seems like scattered work in progress fairytale dust, the choice was simple. 1.12.2 also has three major server versions (Sponge, Magma, Mohist) which give us great flexibility when choosing the server software.
    • Will Vanilla Athyrium SMP still be supported? Very offtopic but yes, it will. Including updates such as 1.17 and patches.