Minecraft 1.17 update

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    Version: 1.17
    IP: play.athyrium.eu
    Discord: discord.athyrium.eu

    As many people are aware on June 8th Mojang released Minecraft update 1.17. It is my pleasure to announce that the SMP server has been updated including almost all plugins.

    I'd also like to notify people of impending changes & fixes to longstanding issues. First of all the /tp and /home situation will finally get resolved. Secondly there exists intention to add a creative plot world, which players will be able to visit by doing /creative or something similar. The idea is designed to allow seamless switching between the creative world and the overworld.

    Please note that there is still some minor missing content on the server that will be added back in time. Additionally do expect bugs and other minor issues, since it's still the early days of Minecraft 1.17.

    Furthermore, I would like to inform you of our status page found here, which is kept up to date with information. Other than that, have fun!


    • I found a bug, what do I do? Report it to the staff team.

    • Will you update to 1.18 when it comes? Yes, we intend to update to 1.18 when it arrives later this year.

    • Will minor updates such as 1.17.X take as long? No. Minor version updates usually do not take as long since they are only slightly modified versions of the original version. (In fact, at the time of this post 1.17.1 already has a pre-release)

    • Why did it take you so long to update!? Curb your entitlement there bud (Ranting time). When it comes to the maintenance of Athyrium there's only one person doing the technical stuff. On a more serious note upgrades between major Minecraft versions always have this retention period. md_5 (Maintainer of Spigot) brought this up here and how people assume a little too much. Whenever Mojang drops an update we can't actually play it. Not with the software we use to moderate, the custom implemented functionality we all love, or more than five players anyway (Yes, Vanilla server software is abysmal). So what does this mean? It means we first need to wait for a Spigot release. Since we really love performance we don't run normal Spigot either. So there's further waiting until Paper's been updated (Something they can't do until Spigot has released). Essentially there's a big chain of items waiting on each other. For reference the first Paper test release this time was on June 19th. And finally, when all their initial work is done. I can start updating stuff, which mostly includes abandoned plugins that need manual updating. In this update, everything was somewhat worse since Mojang bumped the Java version required from 8.0 to 16.0.

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