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    Sweet Bean Sauce Packing Machine
    This vertical FFS machine is a Vacuum Fluid Paste Packing Machine.
    Quality Mitsubishi PLC and 7" colorful touch screen control whole machine.
    The Mitsubishi PLC with the customized battery can keep many set-up program for the operator, very user friendly;
    Servo motor & Germany quality Belt pulling film;
    All stainless steel structure, so it is very durable and can be ensure hygiene;
    Suitable for fluid or semi-liquid material, Convenient cleaning system;
    The independent PID sealing temperature controller, more easily suitable for many different package material;
    Equipped with Level sensor monitoring, easy to adjust the length of bag;
    Photoelectric switch automatic tracking of color film so that it can keep the consistent with the speed of the pump to ensure accuracy;
    Bilateral tension membrane more quickly and stable and less friction;
    Adopted Various imported high-quality components so that ensure the equipment's high quality and high performance;
    Don't need additional ejector or vacuum pumping device, it can be produced without air;
    Vacuum type pillow bag, airless pillow bag.
    Suitable to packaging paste, sauce or and any similar viscous product in bag, such as sweet sauce, butter, salads, peanut butter, marmalade, chili sauce, tomato paste, Chafing dish, mineral/pure water, alcohol, vinegar, etc
    Packaging materials:
    generally, the Nylon/PE film is better, or any similar function laminated film.
    Optional bag type:
    Vacuum pillow bag.
    The whole packing system works as following process:
    Feeding raw product by the rotary pump system—Measuring and filling raw product by piston –Forming, Sealing & vacuum and cutting by the vacuum vertical packing machine-- the finished bags outputting.
    The main technical parameters of the vacuum vertical form fill seal machine
    CapacityMax 4-20bags/min
    Measuring rangeMax 5000ml
    Bag modelPillow bag
    Bag sizeL 150-650mm W 100-250mm
    Film WidthMax 520mm
    ControlPLC + Chinese/English interface
    Air consumption0.8Mps ,0.5m3/min
    Power3Phase,50Hz ,AC 380V, /4.5KW
    OptionalHigh speed machine, Hole Punching, Nitrogen charging,Gusset bag, Air exhausting,
    Different bag sizes:
    1.Different bag width , different former , the bag width is adjustable by the former.
    2.Different Bag Length: Can be set on the Machine Operate Interface.Liquid Packing Machine suppliers