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    Injection molding machine template casting Descriptions
    The figure as shown is template of injection molding machine type for Haitian. Ningbo Haitian Plastics Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is one of branches of Haitian International. Haitian Plastics Machinery Group has been in the leading position in the sector of the world. The company's products are clearly targeted to the rapidly growing generalized plastic product making field. At present, the largest templates made by our plant for it are 70 tons for each.
    The figure as shown is template of JU33000 series large-sized injection molding machine type. With the material of QT450-10 ductile iron, it enjoys cutting machining and wear-resisting performance and specific elasticity. Besides JU33000 series templates, our company also provides JU10800, JU13000, JU14000, JU18503, JU21000, JU24000, JU28003 series injection molding machine templates for Haitian.
    Weightaround 50 tonsdrawing No.JU33000IIS-02-54M
    materialEN-GJS-400-15Size 3550* 3140*1250
    This part is delivered by rough casting. The whole body of the casting is coated with red primer.

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