Erebus Launcher

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    Jul 27, 2018


    Version: 1.18.2


    That's right. We made a launcher to make your life easier. Install it, run modded, profit. Then get rid of it when you're done with the season.


      • I found a bug, what do I do? Report it to the staff team.
      • Why make a launcher? This question has a simple answer. We wanted a few more mods than the mod-pack offered. Already considering it a burden for users to install the mod-pack and launchers loaded with bloatware, we felt it one step too much to ask our players to manually manage their installations.
      • Does the launcher auto update? Yes... Yes, it does.
      • Do I need to use Erebus to join? Absolutedly not! The list of all the additional mods we use on the server is available in the links section. Simply download and drag these into the mods folder of your Enigmatica install.