China Public Utilities Mould

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    Yisong can help you design your project, build the molds for rotational molding, produce the products from your molds or tooling, even trim, assemble, package and ship them to your customers.
    Wuxi Yisong Rotomolding Technology Co., Ltd. offers complete turn-key solutions to help start or grow your business!
    Plastic Portable Toilet are using rotomoulding process to produce, all raw materials are polyethylene (PE), adding special additives in the raw material,
    Material has non-toxic, anti-radiation, non-discoloration, anti-impact, and so on, can be used in the outdoor for a long time. The wall thickness of the product is even without any seam, and the product has no residual force and is not easy to be deformed.
    Easy to change color, when you want to change the color of products, just clean the molding mold.China Public Utilities Mould