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Fixes & Addons
  • /Help - Updated to be of more use, now shows command for claiming & horse claiming.
  • Typos & GUI updates - Lot's of messages and of old GUI has been updated to look better and to match the servers aesthetic in 1.14.
  • Playtimerewards - Playtimerewards have been re-added. You will now earn 500$ every 30 minutes.
  • Voting - Voting has been added to offer players more rewards while also helping the server grow.
  • /Wild - The /Wild command has been added again but the use of it is now limited.
  • Death Timer - The respawn time has been lowered from 30 to 15 seconds.

Tournament winners!

#3 #1 #2

Thank you to all participants, you all played really "well". I'd like to congratulate Oliver for first place, William for second place and Phumik for third place.​

"Greetings Travel!" ;)

We are pulling the community together in an amazing brawl to the top in a CS:GO 1vs1 tournament! The brackets will be completely randomized, so if you are unlucky you will be up against the toughest opponents.

The matches will be fought on a random aim map found on the workshop, it will be the best out of 7 rounds, and the best out of 21 in the finale!

The tournament date is Friday the 2nd November.

If you would like to contribute and make the community fight for a prize pool then you can send however much you would like to: 072-151 21 47 with the title being "Price pool". Or to our paypal:
[email protected]. Contributing is OPTIONAL and the prize pool will be paid out trough Swish or Paypal depending on what the winner chooses.

Thank you for reading this, and we hope we'll see you during this small little event!
1.13.1 is here!
I'd like to inform everyone that the Athyrium minecraft server has finally been reopened and updated to 1.13. We are still waiting for a few plugins to be updated but the server is now in a playable state.​

New here?

To join our survival server use this IP:


Currently we have yet to setup dynmap again but it will be added back at a later date to the website. The shop isn't working at the time of writing this post but it will be brought back as soon as possible. That's pretty much all I had to say so other than that, enjoy 1.13.1 :kissing_heart: